Friday, May 29, 2009

Valleyfair Chicken Scratch

Here's a few sketches from last weekend at Valleyfair. It's been a really long time since I've done these quick sketches of random passerbys and customers, so it was nice to pick it up again. There's a Dick Cheney in there too. I've never drawn him, and I kinda got the creeps from looking at a reference photo for that long.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old Life Drawing Business

Rummaging through some of my stuff while getting ready to move, I found a couple drawings from this last semester that I hadn't shared yet. They aren't anything really exciting, but looking back over the semester, I can see a lot of improvements from Life Drawing I. That being said, I'm far from satisfied with these drawings, so it looks like I'm going to have to bust my bum a bit more next semester in Life Drawing III.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marc's Most Excellent Adventure... In Wild Rose

My oldest brother graduated from Fox Valley Technical College this last weekend. He's the first of the Anderson clan to graduate from a post-secondary institution, and we are all very proud. I had the opportunity to visit home for three days to see the event. I'm pretty sure that's the longest I've been home in quite some time, and it was long over due. It was perfect timing for me because I really needed a break from work, school etc.

Anyway, the main thing on my agenda aside from the graduation, and eating some amazing food (my mother is an incredible cook), was doing some fishing. My parents live on a lake, and I got out Tuesday morning bright and early.

This large mouth bass was my biggest catch. It was about 18 inches and weighed two pounds. Not a bad fish. The rest were all pretty small, but I was just happy to be out on the lake.

Not pictured here is a norther pike that was a little over 20 inches. It wasn't close to being a keeper, but it put up a good fight and bent the hell out of the spinner bait I was using.

After catching a few fish, and a nasty sunburn, I got to go cut some wood for my old man. He had me cut down a tree around Thanksgiving last year that had some branches removed by the electric company. Apparently dead limbs hanging over power lines isn't a good thing. So I had started it six months ago, and got the chance to finish it up. My parents have a wood furnace, and cutting wood, surprisingly, is something that I really miss.

On a side note, I used the camera on my phone, and I'm really happy with the quality of pictures it takes. Every other phone I've had has taken pretty crappy pictures.

Friday, May 8, 2009


My roommate and I just tested our latest batch of beer. This was our most successful brew thus far. We made an India Pale Ale, and while its very tasty, it somewhat missed that true, hoppy, IPA taste. Never-the-less, we are very pleased with it, and we can't wait to start a new brew. But for now I've got some beer to drink, so if you'll excuse me... cheers!