Monday, November 3, 2008

Sketch dump o' frustration

I've heard it said on several occasions that there are some faces that certain people just cant get a good caricature of. It's different for everyone, and here's a couple that have given me a lot of grief. The superhuman being that is Brett Favre has escaped me every time that I've taken a stab at him, and the above sketch is the best I could do. Still not satisfied, but I can live with it for now. Also I've drawn Hugh Laurie as House once or twice, never really getting any decent results. Just recently, I tried to caricature Kelsey Grammar, a seemingly easy face. For me, not so much. I drew him nearly ten times and I am quite upset with every one of them. The lower two drawings are some of my Grammar drawings, just trying to show my different exaggeration attempts. Well, once I get over my frustration, I think I'll give him another try, but until then, I'll sit in a corner and pout...

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