Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sketch Dumperoo

Here's a couple sketches done at Valleyfair. I made myself chuckle at the "Stonewall Catson" and the "Fat Cat and Bulimic Cat" not sure why.

Below are more comic book character design sketches. This Rico character has been a problem for me. I just can't seem to capture the essence of the look I'm going for. I'm heading in the right direction, but much more sketching is needed.

2 comments: said...

Mrs. Keggerson= The Perfect Woman

Lookin' nice! Some sharp shit.

lordmarcus said...

Yeah, I'm thinking by the time I'm ready to settle down, someone will have put the Mrs. Keggerson design into action, and I'll get my very own beer-dispensing, mail-order bride.

PS I hear that sharp shit is the leading cause of bloody stools.