Tuesday, September 7, 2010

$50 Billion Job Express

$50 billion for Roads, Rails, and Runways: I can't say that I think any potential or subsequent economic booming will be enough for Democrats to recover any lost ground before the November elections. The GOP's success in the polls, if I can call it that, really can't be attributed to their platform of fiscal responsibility. The Tea Party and the small government crowd support the laissez faire sort of doctrine that not only put the economy in its current state, but would have done nothing to repair it(if left to their devices, republicans may have worsened the whole ordeal). They became the party of "NO," and since a sluggish struggling economy hasn't miraculously bounced back, the democrat majority is going to feel the pinch. In the event that the GOP does win big in November, their partisan political games will be rendered useless, and (fingers crossed) they'll be forced to cooperate with the Obama administration.

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