Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stoutonia Cartoon

I've done a couple of cartoons for the Stoutonia (our school paper) this year, and this is the latest one. The opinions editor asked me to do something to accompany an op-ed piece about our campus wide tobacco ban, which as I've stated before, I am not in favor of. Well, the opinions editor highlighted a couple paragraphs in the piece that he thought I should incorporate in my cartoon. I really didn't want to do that, because that would pretty much turn an editorial cartoon into an editorial illustration, and thats not my job. So, I really wanted to take the opportunity to give a couple jabs at our Chancellor and Stout Student Association president both of whom are beating a dead horse with this thing. The tobacco ban went into effect at the beginning of the semester, and since then, I have only seen three people smoke on campus. Now the Chancellor and SSA are threatening violators with citations. I just think there is something else they could be doing with their time other than concentrating on a very small portion of the student population. Tobacco isn't a problem on campus anymore. Move on.