Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marc And Bobby's Dissent

My former editor Bobby and I have been talking about starting a political satire website for almost nine months. During that time we did a lot of brainstorming, pointless yammering, and procrastinating. Well, we finally put a blog together. I don't know if it will stay in the blog format (we've come up with some crazy ideas) but until we get something concrete and finalized, you can expect to see a few funny posts a week over at marcandbobby.blogspot.com/ Both Bobby and I will be contributing written editorials while I'll also post topical cartoons as well as some spot illustrations. As if that weren't enough for you to be giddy with excitement, my good pal and brilliant writer Kyle Constalie will be a regular contributor as well. So go check out what all the dissent is about!

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