Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wanna draw comics when i get all growed up.

One of my best friends from high school (and former college roommate), who is attending UW-O has been writing movie scripts for a couple years now, and as he is in the film, TV, and media major, it comes as no surprise. Well he submitted several scripts to various competitions and this last one, he won at the state level and his script went on to the national competition. It was pretty exciting. He was going through one of his textbooks a week or two ago and there was a section devoted to UW-O alumni/current students who had won awards for script writing and to Jared's surprise, he found his name among them for a competition he had entered last year. No one told him he had won it.

Anyway, this most recent script he just got back from the judges who wrote comments all over it. Even though he won the thing, they just ripped it apart. It was pretty funny. One of the comments went on to say that the script and Jared's particular writing style would work much better as a graphic novel... so the bastard wants to collaborate with me and turn it into a comic book. I guess I'm pretty excited about it. Its going to be a great chance for me to go way outside my comfort zone since I've never read a comic book.

Well, I spose its bout time I quit writing. Above is a sketch I did trying to work on some wrinkles/drapery and a semi-action pose. There's a quick photoshop job in there as well.


jimbodraw said...

Cool about your friend Marc. Nice wrinkle study!

lordmarcus said...

Thanks Jim!