Monday, February 2, 2009

One more for today.

Today was a pretty productive day cartooning wise. I drew up two new ones, and inked three. I'm pretty pleased with myself for squeezing all three in today between 5 hours of class. Not an amazing feat, but considering other homework, its been a busy day. Anyway, I tried to use a lot more hatching in two of these cartoons, and I have to say I was a little surprised with the results. Each probably took twice as much time to ink, but I enjoyed it, and I think they look much much better. Not nearly as sloppy, which is something I feel I struggle with at times.

Well, I finally got my Blagojevich cartoon out of the way. After his massive PR campaign, I wouldn't be surprised if he'll be in the news for a while. He's almost reaching that celebrity status, and judging by the way he handled the allegations and impeachment over the last few weeks, I'd say he's just dumb enough fit in with some of America's finest.

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