Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Op Ed Madness

Just got a new batch of cartoons done today for this weeks Stoutonia. The opinions editor asked me to do two cartoons, one about the resurgence of 80's fashion, and one about mothers being on Facebook- two articles that I'm sure are representative of the Stoutonia's highbrow op ed section. As far as the piggy flu cartoon goes, I was trying to figure out a more interesting way to utilize the symbol of the pig, but nothing was coming to me. Tragic, I know.
I'm getting sick of hearing about the swine flu. I have a feeling (and I pray that I'm right about this) that the seriousness of the swine flu is being over-exaggerated by the media. That being said, the death toll in Mexico being attributed to the swine flu rose yesterday from 20 in the morning to almost 150 by noon. Swine flu, drugs, drug runners, lots of guns.... why the hell would anyone vacation in Mexico. I for one will not be visiting there any time soon.

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