Monday, March 30, 2009

Have you driven a fjord lately?

So here's a couple paintings. The first one is a fjord in Norway that my mom was begging me for. I started it 4 years ago and finally finished it this past Christmas. It was one of those projects that I kept putting off. I repainted it a few times and finally settled on what you see below.

About the time I started the painting, my parents were adding on to the house. They built a very nice sun room and put in an electric fireplace. So of course my mom wanted to hang the fjord above it.

When not painting scenes of Norway, I was working on a mural at good ol' Wild Rose High School. I did it the last semester of my senior year. Somehow I never got any pictures of it, but I was visiting home this last weekend so I stopped in and snapped a couple pics.

I put in a few "I Spy" type objects in the mural. There's a faint UFO, a kite, a flower, and my biology teacher (which has been scratched off a bit) It was a lot of fun to paint.


Matthew said...

Great paintings Marc!!!

lordmarcus said...

Thanks a lot Matt!