Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix... huh?

The painting III class that I'm taking this semester is rather informal, and I have a lot of freedom to do whatever I want, as long as I'm sticking to a theme, or building a specific body of work. I had been doing a lot of different things with no real method to the madness until I came up with the idea to create some sort of satirical picture book. I asked one of my former dorm buddies (who is an English minor) if he would be interested in writing some stuff for it. He said yes, and were now on our way. Below is an excerpt of our work in progress. It's a fictitious conversation between Joaquin Phoenix and his mother after his appearance on the Letterman.

Pencil roughs

I really liked how the inks turned out. I might try to color it in photoshop just to see how it turns out.

And here's the final with some of the text in place. I'm going to change the font around, and play with some other things before I really call it done, but I'll worry about all that later.


jimbodraw said...

That’s cool, Marc - pretty funny!

lordmarcus said...

Thanks Jim, I've got a couple more of these that I'm working on that should get posted soon!