Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gov. Rod Blago...asldfkjasdflkj..jevich

Just a couple sketches here. The first is of Governor Rod Bagojevich of Illinois who has found himself in a little hot water lately. I missed an opportunity to do a cartoon of him when his senate seat for sale first made the headlines. The Stoutonia was done putting out issues until the new semester which is now. But as luck would have it, his impeachment hearing started yesterday, followed by him making a TV circuit circus. So I'm currently working on a editorial cartoon of him. I'll post that one as soon as its done.

Also theres a sketch of my cousins daughter who I had a very candid photo of. and right above her there's a young girl I saw somewhere.... or that might be the other way around.


jimbodraw said...

Nice ostrich Marc. I like your pen work!

lordmarcus said...

Thanks Jim. I'm really enjoying using the micron pens lately, so expect to see more.

CaseyBug said...

I love that ostrich!!