Friday, January 23, 2009

Horse- not the basketball game?

Here's a couple of horse studies, going along with the animal sketches I've been doing as of late. One of the biggest advancements in my drawing over the last year has been a "relearning" of how to sketch. In my last life drawing class, my professor really stressed using the entire body especially the arm and shoulder when drawing. And at the large scale that our drawings were done at, it was essential to make any well placed marks that one would do so. I was pretty confident in my ability to draw with the whole arm from my past drawing experience most notably drawing at Valleyfair, but I found that the retail caricature style was rather counterproductive when it came to figure drawing. But a little refresher in the sketch style of life drawing has helped the accuracy and structure of my drawings of almost anything now.

I apologize for that pointless rant, but I was watching one of my professors draw the other day, and just the fluid action of their mark making made me realize how far I really have to go before I'll be satisfied with any of my drawings. But hey, its a new year and a new semester, we'll see what new things I can pick up on this year.

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